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Pemex Refinación (Pemex-Refining) is a Pemex's subsidiary which processes, transports and markets a wide range of products derived from crude oil, including  gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, fuel oil, asphalts, LPG, lubricants and other refined oil products. In 2007, Pemex Refinación produced 1312 thousand barrels per day of refined products (including dry gas by-products of the refining process).

At the end of 2007, Pemex Refinación owned and operated six refineries: Cadereyta, Madero, Minatitlán, Salamanca, Salina Cruz and Tula. Our refineries are comprised of atmospheric and vacuum distillation units, where the bulk of crude oil input is processed. Secondary processing facilities include desulphurization units and facilities for catalytic cracking, reforming and hydrotreating.

During 2007, these refineries processed 1270 thousand barrels per day of crude oil (210 thousand barrels at Cadereyta, 141 thousand barrels at Madero, 170 thousand barrels at Minatitlán, 188 thousand barrels at Salamanca, 272 thousand barrels at Salina Cruz and 289 thousand barrels at Tula), which consisted of 742 thousand barrels per day of Olmeca and Isthmus crude oil and 528 thousand barrels per day of Maya crude oil.

Fuel oil, automotive gasolines and diesels represent the bulk of Pemex Refinación's production. In 2007, fuel oil represented 23%, gasoline represented 35% and diesels represented 25% of total refined product production. Jet fuel represented 5% and LPG represented 2% of total production of refined products in 2007. The remainder of Pemex Refinación's production consisted of a variety of other refined products. As a result of the strategy of investing in technology to improve the quality of fuels, over the past several years Pemex-Refinación has increased its production of unleaded gasoline. All of Pemex Refinación's automotive gasoline production now consists of unleaded gasoline. In addition, Pemex Refinación has introduced new environmentally sound products such as Pemex Diesel, with 0.05% sulphur content. The share of Pemex Diesel as a percentage of total diesel produced by Pemex Refinción has increased from 94% in 2003 to 98% in 2007.

Domestic Sales

Pemex Refinación sells its own and imported refined products to satisfy the increasing demand in Mexico. To accomplish this marketing effort, Pemex Refinación operates a complex transportation and distribution system, including more than 13 thousand kilometers of pipelines, 77 wholesale terminals, 15 marine terminals, a marine fleet and several wheel-based units.



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